SpeechTrans adds Facebook Voice Translation Chat


SpeechTrans has released an update to its series of voice language translation applications adding a new feature that allows SpeechTrans users to communicate with FaceBook or SpeechTrans friends around the world using voice-recognition translation. The SpeechTrans applications leverage Nuance’s speech recognition technology to allow users to speak words or phrases into their iOS device which are then translated and spoken back in a specified alternate language. The new Facebook Voice Translation Chat feature now allows SpeechTrans users to conduct online speech translated conversations with other users around the world in their native languages via Facebook Chat. Supported input languages include U.S. English, U.K. English, Spanish, French and German which can be translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. SpeechTrans is available in several language-specific editions with bi-directional language versions for $10 and one-way language versions for $6. A SpeechTrans Ultimate Edition includes support for all available languages and sells for $20. Lite editions are also available for $1. SpeechTrans provides unlimited text-to-speech translations and a limited number of speech recognition transcriptions depending on the version; additional speech recognition transcriptions may be purchased from within the app. Note that 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is required to use the application as speech recognition and translation is performed by an online server.


Jesse Hollington

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