Spike your iPod or put it in a corset

Just when you think you’ve seen all the cases available for iPod, along comes a new company with new designs. AnetaGenova has released nince new fashion forward designs, unlike any other iPod cases on the market. Some of the more unique cases are as follows; the Sid case (as in Sid Vicious) features black leather and metal spikes, the Stardust case (as in Ziggy Stardust) features silver leather and metal buckles, the Monty (as in Monty Python) features pink python leather and the La Femme case features pink leather lacing resembling a corset.

The AG iPod cases start at $95 and go up to $195 for the La Femme case.

Spike your iPod or put it in a corset
“The most luxurious leather iPod cases have arrived! Born of the latest fashion trends the AG collection of iPod cases is exciting and individualistic. If you want to dress your iPod in the latest fashion check out http://www.anetagenova.com.”

Editor’s note: Aneta Genova, owner of AnetaGenova informed us that yes, Britney Spears has purchased the La Femme model (pink corset model pictured to the right).

“Apparently pink is her favorite color and that’s why she loved it. Not to mention it is quite feminine. She got a cellphone case too, but those are not on my website yet.”