SpoonJuice re-releases Daily Deeds

SpoonJuice has re-released Daily Deeds, its habit-tracking app for the iPhone and iPod touch, with an under-the-hood refresh and some very important bug fixes. Daily Deeds helps remind and motivate users to perform routine daily tasks by creating a list of actions that can be checked off each day as they’re completed and reviewed on a calendar view or in PDF summary reports.

Re-released under a new App Store developer account, Daily Deeds 1.5 adds little in the way of new features, and appears to primarily a maintenance release. As it has been released as a new app anther than an update to the prior version, users will need to download it separately; the developer is providing it as a free download for the first week to allow existing users to obtain it at no cost and as a gift for new users.

The prior version sold for $1 and is expected to disappear form the App Store in the coming weeks.