Square Enix adds character voices to Chaos Rings


Square Enix has released updates to Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega adding Japanese character voices to the games. The original Chaos Rings is an immersive story-based RPG where players choose a pair of characters and fight for their lives in a series of tournaments in the Ark Arena while Chaos Rings Omega is a prequel set 10,000 years earlier laying the foundation for the main Chaos Rings story. When released earlier this year, Square Enix had announced that it would be providing free updates to Chaos Rings Omega to deliver new features such as voice acting and new bosses. Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega are each available from the App Store in separate device-specific versions for the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad with prices ranging from $7 for the iPHone and iPod touch version of Chaos Rings to $11 for the iPad version of Chaos Rings Omega.


Jesse Hollington

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