Squid cozy for iPod washes up

pic Mule Design has introduced a rather unique case for the iPod and iPod mini. The Cephal-iPod is a felt cozy in the form of a squid. The ten-armed iPod accessory is available at a special introductory price of $20.

“Your iPod’s glaring whiteness is relaying signals back to the humans. Protect yourself from harmful rays in style with this hand-crafted hip cozy made of (possibly) organic felt.”
The San Francisco-based Mule Design explained to iLounge how the Cephal-iPod came about.

“We’re basically big squid fans,” Mule Design’s Mike Monteiro said. “I’ve got a tattoo on my arm of a squid my son drew. Ever since seeing a documentary on how squids were poised to be the next dominant species on the planet I’ve kept an eye out for squid news. A few months ago I read a study that the squid biomass was now estimated to be larger than the human biomass. Figuring that the cause was lost,” he said facetiously, “and that we hadn’t done a very good job with the planet anyway, we made some shirts.

Monteiro said that caused a squid snowball effect. “Once people found the shirts they started emailing us about their squid blogs, squid bulletin boards, other squid paraphernalia, etc. It smelled like a zeigeist,” Monteiro said. “The name for the case came first. Cephalopod becomes Cephal-iPod way too easily. So we started drawing up ideas for tentacles and searching for the right eyeballs, and voila. Cephal-iPod.”

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