SRS Labs has introduced two new audio solutions, one for the iPod and one for Mac and PC. The SRS iWOW adaptor for iPod is a dock-connecting audio adaptor that attaches to the iPod and utilizes patented SRS audio solutions to provide enhanced depth and clarity. According to the company, the adaptor provides “immersive 3D audio, ultra-clear definition, and deep, rich bass,” and will work with all iPods featuring a 30 pin connector. The iWOW adaptor for iPod will be available in November and will sell for $100.

The successor to one of the top iTunes 3rd party software downloads of 2007 (according to, the new version of SRS’ iWOW plug-in for Mac and PC provides full, 3D audio over any headphones, desktop, laptop or monitor speakers, delivering immersive surround sound. In addition, it features an all new user interface, with the ability to personalize acoustic preferences with an array of music and video presets, like rock, classical, jazz, blues, country and more. SRS Labs’ iWOW software package for Mac and PC will be available in October and will sell for $80.

Charles Starrett

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