SRS Labs launches MyTunes Pro


SRS Labs has released MyTunes Pro, an advanced audio enhancing music player app for the iOS platform. Expanding the feature set of the original MyTunes music player released last year for the iPhone and iPod touch, MyTunes Pro add an array of new features to provide users with advanced control of how their music library sounds. The MyTunes Pro apps, available separately for the iPad and the iPhone/iPod touch, are focused on redefining the expectations and capabilities around listening to both lossless and compressed digital music; the apps are full-featured music players that provide advanced SRS audio processing techniques along with unique features to allow users to customize their listening experience to match their mood or activities.

MyTunes Pro audio enhancement features include SRS WOW HD processing to restore natural tonality and spatial characteristics of recorded audio, SRS bass sculpting technology to provide deeper bass from headphones and speakers and a full adjustable 10-band EQ. The app also provides a set of EQ presets and listening device presets with custom tailored tunings to deliver the best results via specific headphones or speakers. Additional features include volume normalization, speed control for podcasts and audiobooks, DJ-style transitions and support for Airplay and iTunes Match. Special Party and Workout modes allow users to build specially organized playlists adjusted to fit a party or workout style and the app also provides a special driving mode with an optimized GUI for in-car use. MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro are both available as free downloads from the App Store. The player, DJ transitions, and custom album art features are included in the free version; advanced features such as WOWHD, normalize, the EQ, and driving mode can be used on a trial basis for a limited amount of time each with an in-app purchase available for $7 (iPhone/iPod touch) or $10 (iPad) to unlock the full feature set.



Jesse Hollington

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