SRS Labs updates iWOW iTunes Plug-In for Mac

SRS Labs has released its iWOW 2 iTunes Plug-In for Mac, the latest version of the audio enhancement software. iWOW 2 uses several patented audio enhancement technologies from SRS Labs to provide 3D audio from desktop and laptop computers as well as external speakers and headphones.

Features include the ability to create and save presets for specific songs, videos and podcasts, an ‘Auto-preset’ option that automatically chooses the best iWOW preset based on the information in the music or video, and Movie Mode, which offers virtual surround sound over headphones. Tom Yuen, Chairman and CEO of SRS Labs, said, “As the popularity of Mac’s as entertainment devices increases, so does the demand for enhanced audio to ensure the best experience.

With iWOW 2, music and video can be experienced with superior audio that complements the visual experience.” iWOW 2 requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and iTunes 6 or later. iWOW 2 sells for $20; owners of iWOW 1 can upgrade for $12.