Starbucks app integrates Mobile Pay, Card management


Starbucks has released an update to its official Starbucks app for the iPhone and iPod touch integrating its new Mobile Pay feature into the main Starbucks app. Originally rolled out across the U.S. earlier this year in the Starbucks Card Mobile app, the Mobile Pay feature allows users to pay for coffee and other Starbucks products using their iPhone or iPod touch to display a barcode that can be read by a scanner at the register.

Starbucks 2.0 brings this feature to the company’s core Starbucks app along with the ability to reload and transfer balances on Starbucks cards, see their rewards levels and star balances, locate Starbucks stores and browse the Starbucks menu all within a single app. The new version also sports a redesigned look and feel with improved performance and offers user-customizable navigation. Starbucks 2.0 is available from the App Store as a free download. The Mobile Pay and Starbucks Card management features are currently available only to users in the U.S.


Jesse Hollington

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