Sonoma Wire Works has released an update to StudioTrack adding a new set of GuitarTone amps and effects, an integrated tuner and a control panel for the GuitarJack hardware accessory. StudioTrack is a multitrack recording app for the iPad that features eight tracks with independent bounce, pan and effects settings on every track as well as a metronome, latency compensation, input monitoring and integration with other audio apps for transferring to desktop recording software. Version 1.5 adds a set of GuitarTone amps and effects featuring interpretations of essential vintage and custom amps and pedals; the app includes three free amps (‘60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues) and three free effects (UltraPhase, Drive+ and Va-Room) with additional tones available via in-app purchase for $10 per 12-pack. Additional GuitarTone amps and effects are also available with Sonoma’s GuitarJack audio hardware interface connected; the new version also adds a GuitarJack control panel to allow users to adjust the input settings and modes for the hardware accessory, including selecting line-in channels for mono or stereo recording as well as voice and instrument recording onto two tracks simultaneously. StudioTrack requires an iPad running iOS 4.3 or later and is currently available from the App Store for a discounted price of $10.


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