SugarSync adds text editing, sync and UI improvements


Cloud storage provider SugarSync has released an update to its iOS app adding text editing capabilities and several user interface and synchronization improvements. SugarSync 2.4 now includes a built-in simple text editor that can be used to create or edit plain text files from directly within the app for syncing via SugarSync, eliminating the need to use a third-party app for working with basic text files. The update also adds a new menu bar that allows users to quickly sort files, upload photos and videos and create new files and folders from any location in the app, making it possible to upload media content directly to any folder and sync it with other devices and desktop computers. Users can also now select multiple files and folders for synchronization to their device with a single click and the UI has been designed to provide a simpler interface requiring less taps for common tasks. SugarSync 2.4 is a universal app and is available from the App Store as a free download. A SugarSync account is required to use the app; new users can sign up within the app for a free account with 5GB of storage with additional storage available for a monthly fee.

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