Super Mario Run tops 2.85 million downloads on first day

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run has hit 2.85 million downloads in its first day of availability, The Verge reports. Citing data from analytics firm Apptopia, the report notes that Super Mario Run easily beats Pokémon Go, which broke the record in July with 900,000 downloads on the first day. However, Pokémon Go still holds first place for total first-week downloads — although Apple declined to divulge how many times Pokémon Go was downloaded in its first seven days, it did jump to 5.6 million downloads by day three.
It remains to be seen whether Super Mario Run will ultimately beat Pokémon Go’s first-week record, although as The Verge notes, it’s not an entirely fair comparison, as Pokémon Go had a much more limited three-country release initially, while Super Mario Run landed in 150 countries on day one. It’s also worth noting that Super Mario Run received a significant amount of promotion, being introduced on stage by Nintendo during Apple’s September iPhone event and getting an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a week before launch. Check out our App Diary for more details and thoughts on the game.

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