Survey: Half of 2007 cars offer iPod integration

According to Telematics Research Group, nearly half of 2007 automobiles offer iPod integration. Calling iPod support “the most sought after feature in cars,” the firm says iPod integration is up from only 12% of vehicles last year. Meanwhile, auxiliary input is supported by nearly 60% of ‘07 models, and MP3 and WMA audio file support will be available on 75% of ‘07 vehicles. During his presentation at Apple’s special “Showtime” event in September, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said approximately 70% of 2007 model year automobiles would offer iPod connectivity.

  1. My friend complained because her Lexus didn’t support aftermarket stereos. Now I’m sure even they offer at least an Aux. input.

  2. Honda discontinued their “Music Link” because of all the bugs caused by the new firmware. So Apple, don’t kid yourself. Car makers aren’t even close at achieving true iPod integration. The aftermarket will continue to have life until Apple and the automakers make a more concerted effort.

  3. Toyota still isn’t on board. I just bought a 2007 Prius and the best they have is aux. input in their stereo (which is nice enough).

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