Swisscom announces iPhone 3G pricing for Switzerland

Swisscom has announced its service plans and pricing for the iPhone 3G in Switzerland. As in many other countries, Swisscom’s pricing for the handset is tiered based on which plan the customer chooses for his/her 24-month contract. Unlike most other countries, however, airtime minutes are charged at a pre-determined hourly rate, instead of in bulk by the month. With the CHF 25 (~$25) NATEL liberty piccolo monthly plan, users get 100 MB of data a month and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.70 (~$0.70). The 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for CHF 249 (~$244) with the CHF 25 monthly plan, while the 16GB model will run CHF 349 (~$342). With the CHF 35 (~$34) NATEL liberty mezzo monthly plan, users are provided with 250 MB of data and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.50 (~$0.50); the 8GB iPhone 3G is sold for CHF 199 (~$195) and the 16GB model for CHF 299 (~$293). The NATEL liberty grande plan, which runs CHF 55 (~$54) a month, provides 1,000 MB of data and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.50 (~$0.50), bringing the price of the iPhone down to CHF 99 (~$97) for the 8GB model and CHF 199 (~$195) for the 16GB model. All subscription plans also include Visual Voicemail and free access to over 1,100 hotspots across Switzerland. Finally, Swisscom will also offer the iPhone 3G on a prepaid basis (NATEL easy liberty uno), with the 8GB model selling for CHF 519 (~$509), the 16GB for CHF 619 (~$607). The prepaid hourly call rate will be CHF 0.80 (~$0.80), with a flat data rate of CHF 1 ($0.98) per megabyte of data. Swisscom will launch the iPhone 3G in Switzerland on July 11. [via setteB.IT]

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