SwitchEasy announces CapsuleRebel for iPhone 3G

SwitchEasy has announced its new CapsuleRebel case for the iPhone 3G. The CapsuleRebel is a hybrid case featuring a inner layer made of Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer (ADSP), a material which is stronger and more UV resistant than silicone, yet soft enough to protect the finish of the iPhone 3G. A Lexan polycarbonate “UltraFrame” attaches to the outside of the ADSP shell, covering over 60 percent of the case with the impact-resistant frame. The CapsuleRebel also features tactile covers for the device’s buttons, and comes with two anti-static screen guards, a microfiber cleaning wipe, a Universal Dock Adapter, a video dock stand, and a Dock Connector protector. Available in black or white, the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel for iPhone 3G is available now and sells for $25.

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