SwitchEasy unveils NeoTouch for iPod touch 2G [updated]

SwitchEasy has introduced its new NeoTouch case for the second-generation iPod touch. Like the CapsuleNeo for iPhone 3G, the NeoTouch uses three distinct layers — a 0.6mm thick tactile silicone membrane, a GE Lexan H-Frame, and a slip-free polyurethane coated I-Clip — to offer comprehensive protection. Other features include open access to the screen, home button and headphone jack and tactile button covers for the power and volume buttons; NeoTouch also includes two anti-static screen guards, a microfiber wipe, a Universal Dock adapter, a video stand, and a Dock Connector cover. SwitchEasy’s NeoTouch case for the iPod touch 2G will be available in about three weeks in black and white and will sell for $25.

Update: Following the publication of this story, we were informed that the NeoTouch was posted on the SwitchEasy site in error, and that the case would be launching in approximately three weeks. We have updated the above story to reflect this information.

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