Sylvania announces HomeKit-enabled Smart Filament Bulb

Sylvania has announced another new addition to its bridge-free HomeKit-enabled light bulb lineup in the form of the Smart+ Soft White A19 Filament Bulb ($32), the first bulb of its type to be HomeKit-enabled. The standard sized light bulb provides a retro look for those who prefer filament lighting to modern LED or CFL lights, and uses Bluetooth to connect directly to a HomeKit-enabled iOS device or Apple TV without the need for an intermediate bridge, reducing the complexity and cost of implementing HomeKit lighting.
The new Soft White A19 Filament Bulb joins Sylvania’s other recent lineup of HomeKit-enabled lighting, including the original Smart Multicolor A19 bulb introduced last year and the new Indoor Flex Strip Full Color and Soft White A19 Bulb announced in October. The Soft White A19 Filament Bulb is available for pre-order on Amazon and expected to ship in the spring of 2018.

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