T-Mobile to sell “against” new iPhone, offer 4/4S SIMs

T-Mobile’s employees have been instructed to sell “against” the iPhone starting on September 21, according to images of T-Mobile internal communications. While the company is known to have pursued agreements with Apple to sell the iPhone, it has repeatedly been left behind as rivals—recently including even regional carriers—have come on board.

A screenshot suggests that T-Mobile will not be carrying the next-generation iPhone, and thus is preparing to sell competing devices directly against it.

T-Mobile to sell “against” new iPhone, offer 4/4S SIMs

A second screenshot notes that T-Mobile stores will now display new Monthly4G SIM kits, specifically designed to appeal to customers who bring their own iPhone 4/4S devices to the network.

It reads, “This new format includes a Micro SIM kit, which is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, allowing customers to bring their unlocked iPhones to the T-Mobile Network.” [via TmoNews]