Tapbots releases Tweetbot 1.3

Tapbots has released another update to its Twitter app, Tweetbot, adding several new features and improvements. Tweetbot 1.3 improves switching between multiple accounts and adds support for viewing local Twitter trends from within the app.

The update also adds several enhancements related to Direct Messaging, providing an improved recipient selector and allowing users to copy, delete and translate direct messages individually or as a group. Users can also now take advantage of more advanced list membership management and a new “Go to user” feature when searching for other users on Twitter.

The update also includes several other small enhancements such as more intuitive loading of gaps in the timeline view, the ability to compose new tweets directly from a hashtag, and integrated support for Favstar, as well as various bug fixes. Tweetbot requires iOS 4.1 or later and is currently available from the App Store for $2.