Tapbots releases Twitter client


Tapbots, developer of well-known iOS apps such as Pastebot, Convertbot and Calcbot today released Tweetbot, their anticipated Twitter app. The company originally announced plans to develop a Twitter client last spring, however were forced to take a step back and re-examine their approach following Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetie as the official Twitter client. After almost a year’s delay, Tapbots announced in March that Tweetbot was in fact being actively developed and was finally in beta. Described as “a Twitter client with personality,” Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone and iPod touch Twitter client that distinguishes itself through its unique UI design typical of Tapbots’ other iOS apps. The app features easy switching between the main timeline and Twitter lists, easy access to conversation views, related tweets and more through configurable smart gestures, customizable navigation buttons, support for the standard set of URL shortening, photo/video uploading and read-later services and the ability to save drafts, add locations and points-of-interest and manage lists and profile information from within the app. Tweetbot requires an iPhone or iPad touch running iOS 4.1 or later and is currently available from the App Store for $2.


Jesse Hollington

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