Tavo Gloves let you use iPod in cold weather

Tavo Gloves let you use iPod in cold weather 1

4sight Products has introduced its Tavo Gloves, a set of gloves specifically designed to allow wearers to use the iPod click wheel and other devices with touchpads. The gloves are available now and retail for $35.
“Insulation materials typically used in gloves inhibit this interaction,” explains the company. “Tavo Gloves are constructed with an electrically conductive overlay on the index finger and thumb to engage touchpad sensors and thermal stretch fabric for superb warmth and comfort. Silicone texture on the fingers and palm enhance grip and control. They can be worn alone or as a liner for winter gloves, and they are perfect for everyday use, commuting, running, walking, and cold weather sports.”

  1. I got these for Christmas (someone heard me complaining about losing gloves due to taking them off to change songs on my iPod). The fingertips are more of a dark silver. However, you’ll certainly get more use out of them if you’re a gay ski instructor. Which I’m not.

  2. These are a pretty good idea and marginally better than an inline remote.

    Being from California, the winter weather in most of the country is a bit harsh for me (i.e. what’s this SNOW stuff?!). Unlike natives of those areas, I’m not comfortable in light-weight suits, T-shirts, shorts, or sandles when it’s SNOWING!!! Anything that reduces my exposure to freezing air makes me happy.

    I tend to work outdoors in noisy environments. There have been many occassions where I wanted to rewind my audiobook or change playlists because of changes in background noise. Can’t do that wearing gloves or with most of the remotes out there.

    That said, I’m not sure these gloves are warm enough or worth the price to get that slight bit of convenience. Some of the reviews I’ve seen elsewhere say the gloves are not warm enough to use on their own in the snow and make better liners than outerwear.

  3. I used to have a pair of Air Force pilot’s gloves. They were made of a very thin leather. They were great for delivering pizzas in winter, because they allowed me to count change with them on. 🙂
    These gloves would be great for a climate such as South Carolina’s where it never gets really cold. These would keep your hands somewhat watm and still aloww you to mess around with the car stereo.

  4. Come on, these are ridiculous! I’m waiting for the Ipod Bra to come out…you change the volume/songs by tweaking your nipples!

  5. Geez…I may as well use my Craftsman Control-Grip mechanic’s gloves. Not much on thermal protection, but they’re super thin and have these really great (and sticky) rubber dots on the palm-side of the gloves that run from the carpals up to the fingers. Work great with a spanner wrench, why not an iPod?

    At least I’ll feel safe knowing that my fingers when nestled in these babies will NEVER slip off the click wheel at those really critical moments…like during spark plug changing when ya jus gotta have the perfect song to set the mood.

    Wonder if iHandInGloves is taken yet…or better yet: iTooManyHandsReachingInTheProverbialCookieJar.

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