iFixit has posted a complete teardown of the fifth-generation iPod nano. Their 8GB unit held a flash memory chip from Toshiba, an Apple-branded processor which is believed to be a Samsung ARM chip, a rubber surround for the camera, most likely to dampen vibrations, a redesigned Click Wheel that appears not to be affixed to the body, as that of the 4th-gen model, a glass covering for the screen, similar to that seen in the prior model, and “copious amounts of glue and adhesive” to hold everything together. The speaker inside the new nano is flat, like the one found in the 2nd- and 3rd-generation iPod touch, and the camera is said to be “much thinner” than the one used in the iPhone. Also notable is the 5G’s battery, which appears to be very similar to the one found in the fourth-generation model, suggesting that Apple has either included new video hardware or optimized its software in order to increase the nano’s video battery life by one hour. For more looks at the new fifth-generation iPod nano, see our Flickr set of the 2009 iPod lineup.

Charles Starrett

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