Teen survey shows iPod growth, iPhone awareness

Teenagers are buying more iPods than ever, and iPhone awareness is notably high among students, according to results from Piper Jaffray’s bi-annual teen survey. The national study of approximately 500 teenagers’ buying patterns and brand preferences found that iPod market share among teens grew to 82% from 79% in the fall 2006 survey.

In addition, the financial firm reported that 84% of students surveyed had heard of Apple’s iPhone, with 25% saying they would pay $500 for the device.

“Apple continues to dominate the portable media player (PMP) market by a large margin,” Piper Jaffray said.

“Our study indicated that 78% of high school students own a PMP, and of those students 82% own an iPod. Sony’s share, the second highest, has leveled at about 4%.