Terforma releases iSleeve for iPods


Terforma has informed us that they have released a new type of case for iPod named iSleeve. Made of molded rubber, the iSleeve encases the iPod like an armored exoskeleton. The iSleeve features a retractable HipClip
Press release:

Terforma releases iSleeve for iPods


New rubber protective case suitable for all iPod models: feature rich and all integrated within a sleek shape

ALBANY, NY—(09/22/2003; 0900)(EIS)—September 22, 2003 – Terforma(tm) today launched its new contoured iSleeve(tm) for the Apple(R) iPod(tm). Engineered with the iPod user in mind, the iSleeve is the first product on the market that fully complements the design of the iPod, providing users not only with a sleek, protective rubber case for business-to-sport versatility, but also unfettered access to the iPod’s dial interface and display. The iSleeve is available in two models for both new and original iPods, and both models are available in two complementary colors: nox/opaque black and mono/opaque white. It is also designed for use with the iTrip FM transmitter from Griffin Technology.

Designed with Terfoma’s commitment to form meeting function, termed idease(tm), the iSleeve’s rubber armor is not only smooth and sleek in design, it ensures shock, scratch and dent protection in all orientations while offering fully-integrated feature-rich benefits, including:

—HipClipT – unlike more commonly used protruding belt clips, the iSleeve’s ultra-low profile, retractable HipClip allows for an extra close fit to belt or waist band and stows away completely flush when not in use.

—StoBandT- the stowable sport band enables users to take their iPods on the run. It can be deployed as desired for extra security and completely hidden away when not in use.

—StoPhoneT – enables iPod earphones and wires to be stowed away on the backside of the case, providing compact integrated storage when not in use.

James Hoehn, Jr., co-founder and president of Terforma, said, “The iSleeve was designed to fill the void for those who value aesthetics and functionality. Besides offering a sleek design with built-in features which are always ready for use, we believe the iSleeve sets a new standard in form and function that iPod users will immediately recognize and appreciate.”

Melissa Nigro, co-founder and vice-president, added, “As an avid iPod user, I know there is no single product on the market that encompasses all the features we have integrated into the iSleeve. I am excited about introducing it to the iPod world.”

For developing its new iSleeve, Terforma turned to the Mack Group, which is recognized as an industry leader in the field of product design and engineering. Bruce Ginder, president of Mack Design, said, “We were delighted to take Terforma’s concept and design and provide the product development services for the iSleeve accessory. Mack Prototype, our sister company, offers a collaborative, end-to-end manufacturing environment for the successful fabrication, assembly and packaging of novel product offerings, such as The Segway and other inventive new products.”

Pricing and Availability

The iSleeve for the Apple iPod is available now at the Suggested Retail Price of $49.99 plus shipping and handling at www.terforma.com or www.isleeve.com

There are two models to choose from: the iSleeve G2, which fits all of the new iPods; and the iSleeve G1, which fits all the original iPods. Both models are iTrip compatible and come in two complementary colors: nox/opaque black and mono/opaque white.

About Terforma

Established in 2002 and based in Albany, New York, Terforma is both a business-to-consumer and business-to-business manufacturing company dedicated to the liberation of time, space and the mind through products of intuitive convenience and intelligent design—idease(tm)—that deliver the best in form and function. For more information, visit www.terforma.com or www.isleeve.com

Terforma, the Terforma logo, the Terforma 3D icon, iSleeve, HipClip, StoBand, StoPhone and idease are trademarks of Terforma in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby recognized as such.


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