The Hacker provides retro computing nostalgia

Angry Bugs has released The Hacker, a new iOS game that takes players back to the green-screen era of computing, placing them in the role of a War Games style hacker. The game “installs” a special Glider Operating System on the iPhone and iPod touch which provides access to connect to remote servers around the world with modules for decryption, synchronization and bypassing of security systems along with a mail system and game emulator.

The player must use these tools to hack into and explore remote networks, solving puzzles and mini-games as they hack their way into major global servers to get to the bottom of a sinister plot that unfolds as they wander the ‘net. Game Center integration is also included with leaderboards and over 30 achievements to unlock.

The Hacker is available from the App Store for $1, with additional expansion packs available as in-app purchases for $1 each. [via CNET]