ThinkFlood unveils RedEye mini infrared adapter for iPhone, iPod touch

ThinkFlood has introduced its new RedEye mini IR transmitter for the iPhone and iPod touch. Unlike the company’s full-size RedEye Universal Remote, which is comprised of a small IR transmitter box with built-in Wi-Fi and an accompanying app that transmits commands to the box using the Wi-Fi connection, the new RedEye mini is a small, cylindrical 3.5mm IR transmitter that connects to the iPhone’s or iPod touch’s headphone jack, communicating directly with the company’s RedEye app and eliminating the need for the larger separate transmitter box. The RedEye mini draws power from the device itself, and includes a carrying case. ThinkFlood’s new RedEye mini IR transmitter requires the company’s free RedEye app and will be available this spring for $50.

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