Third-gen Apple TV found to have dual-core A5

The A5 processor found inside the third-generation Apple TV is actually a dual-core processor, instead of a single-core chip as previously claimed. Chipworks has completed its examination of the A5 processor found in the new Apple TV, and was surprised to find that—contrary to Apple’s claims—the chip is actually a dual-core processor. The research firm suggests that Apple is either utilizing only one core, or is “parts binning”, a process by which chips that are not up to full specification are used for other purposes. In this case, A5 chips with a faulty core could have the “bad” core disabled and then used in the Apple TV.

In addition, the firm also found that the A5 variant in the third-generation Apple TV is build on a smaller process—32nm—than the prior A5, which was built on a 45nm process. While the report suggests that the new A5 variant could be used in a next-generation iPhone, or potentially as a cost-cutting measure—shrinking the process also cuts the cost per processor—for future iPhone 4S units, it also seems likely that the smaller chip could be included in a future iPod touch model. [via MacRumors]

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