Third-generation iPad unboxing, comparison photos posted

Third-generation iPad unboxing, comparison photos posted 1

Third-generation iPad unboxing, comparison photos posted 2

iLounge has received its first of several test units of the third-generation iPad, and has posted unboxing and comparison photos of the unit to our Flickr account. As had been revealed earlier in the week, the differences in packaging between the new iPad and the iPad 2 are small, with a different background image for the device, an iCloud badge on the bottom of the box, and the expected changes in the labels on the rear. Inside, the changes are similarly minor, with different, slightly more flimsy SIM card removal tool—included only with Wi-Fi + 4G models—being the most noteworthy difference. Expect much more on Apple’s latest-generation tablet soon.

  1. got my “new iPad” and tried to a restore backup first via iCloud – 8 hrs later – gave up… then tried restore backup from wired usb iTunes iMac… and it still didn’t work… one caveat is I do have 300+ apps so basically i’ve learned that itunes/icloud are not designed for power users. if you have 32 apps i’m sure iCloud will do your backup restore perfectly. if you have more than a 100+ – get ready to install one at a time and tried to recovery your old settings/username / passwords. got Flipboard/Fancy and walletx apps working so i’m on the way to self restoring but with 300+ apps it’s going to take about a week. apple/ipad need a more robust filing system if i could sort my apps first by type that would be a start…

  2. I got mine and updated it with USB to iTunes. Gave me a chance to look at the apps I had and which ones I actually ever used. I found that many of them weren’t necessary. Also gave me a chance to go through my video collection and pick out some favorites I hadn’t seen lately.

    Gave the iPad 2 away to the wife a month ago. Having an iPad again is great. Didn’t know how much I missed it, especially iBooks and watching videos. iPhone just doesn’t cut it!

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