Tidal announces ‘My Mix’ alongside holiday offering of three months of premium service for $0.99

Tidal, the global high-fidelity music streaming platform, has announced My Mix, a new personalized song-curation feature that leverages Tidal’s human-curated playlists with a new advanced algorithm that analyzes data from users’ listening habits to create new tailored listening experiences for subscribers. The feature will automatically generate a series of up to six 50-song compilations that combine hit songs, new music, and classics based on the tracks that a user listens to most often, segmented based on artists and genres. Each mix will be dynamically updated on a regular basis, with very active members seeing new content appear as often as once a day, and users will be able to save their mixes and download them into the Tidal app for offline listening.

Tidal announces ‘My Mix’ alongside holiday offering of three months of premium service for $0.99

Tidal has also improved the Radio feature to take advantage of the improved algorithms to feature the most popular songs and similar artists, and redesigned the interface slightly for more convenient access to commonly used features like Track and Artist Radio.

In addition, Tidal is offering a holiday promotion for new customers, allowing those who sign up by January 2, 2019 to activate a three-month Premium membership for a one-time payment of only $0.99, or a HiFi membership for only $1.99, providing a discount over the normal price of $19.98 for three months of Premium or $39.98 for three months of Hi-Fi, basically extending the normal one-month free trial by an additional two months for a fraction of the price of a full monthly subscription. Users who choose to continue their subscription at the end of the three-month period will be billed the normal rates of $9.99/month for Premium and $19.99/month for HiFi.

Although Tidal has been overshadowed by competing services like Apple Music and Spotify, the online streaming service distinguishes itself by being the only one to offer the option of fully lossless audio tracks alongside exclusive editorial content for serious music fans. Tidal also most recently joined forces with media hub Plex to tightly integrate its streaming service into the Plex Media experience alongside users’ own music libraries.