Tiger Electronics announces i-Cat, new i-Dogs

imageHasbro’s Tiger Electronics brand has announced new additions to its iPod-compatible Interactive Music Companion line, including the i-Cat, a black i-Dog and a pink i-Dog, and new i-Dog accessories.

“The i-Cat ($30; Fall 2006) is a fabulous feline that not only loves to listen to your favorite tunes but can also play funky ‘scratch’ sound effects along with the music and will groove along to any song it hears,” says the company. “Owners can plug their music systems directly into i-Cat and music will broadcast through a built-in speaker. Simply petting i-Cat will allow owners to mix things up and play meows, purrs and ‘scratch’ sound effects with the music! Owners can play these sound effects along with the music depending on how they touch or pet i-Cat, making this new interactive pet the cat’s meow!”

imageThe two new i-Dogs in black and pink ($30; Spring 2006) offer the same features as the current white model. Tiger also announced the i-Dog Chill Assortment ($10; Spring 2006), a set of winter garments for the i-Dog. Interestingly, the items—a hat, scarf, sweater, booties, and ear warmers—look identical to the material of Apple’s iPod Socks. The Chill Assortment also comes in the same six colors as the iPod protectors—pink, purple, green, blue, orange and gray. [via Engadget]

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