Tilt to Live adds Frostbite Game Mode

One Man Left has released an update to its popular Tilt to Live shooting game for the iPhone and iPod touch adding a new gameplay mode, a new weapon and seven new awards to earn. Tilt to Live 1.4 adds the long-fabled Frostbite mode in which a blizzard of frozen enemies fall from the top of the play area toward a steaming hot spring below and the player must shatter through waves of these frozen dots. As the player smashes enemies, a meter at the bottom of the screen fills and eventually spawns a new Burnicade weapon that allows the player to draw a burning barricade by tilting. The Burnicade weapon can also be unlocked for inclusion in the user’s weapon arsenals for other game modes. The latest update also features seven new award challenges powered by the AGON social gaming platform and fixes some minor iOS4 and sound effect issues. The developer has indicated to iLounge that this is expected to be the final update to Tilt to Live as the company shifts its focus to other new projects. Tilt to Live 1.4 is available from the App Store for $3 and is a free update for current users.

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