Tim Cook joins CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization

The Paulson Institute has named Apple CEO Tim Cook to its CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization, a group of 17 leaders from U.S. and Chinese companies aimed at encouraging businesses to support green development in China. In his welcome message, Paulson Institute Chairman Henry M. Paulson, Jr. said Cook has demonstrated a commitment to advancing sustainable business practices and “will play an important role in helping to advance the work of the Council.”

Cook reiterated Apple’s commitment to running its global operations on 100 percent renewable energy and the company’s efforts to push members of its supply chain to reduce their emissions, saying the company looks forward “to participating in the CEO Council’s effort to advance China’s green transformation and hope to do our part in helping China reach its climate goals.” This year the council will focus on scaling clean technologies and overcoming the barriers that limit their broader adoption in China’s new building developments. Apple also has its own environmental efforts underway in China, working to protect up to a million acres of sustainable forest land in China to produce the fiber used in Apple packaging and products.

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