Tim Cook to have private meeting with President Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to have a private meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office today, as first noted by Jon Passantino of BuzzFeed News. According to a later tweet by President Trump, the two will be discussing, among other things, “how the U.S. has been treated unfairly for many years, by many countries, on trade.” While this isn’t the first time Tim Cook has met with President Trump — Cook attended a panel with other industry executives last spring, but according to the White House schedule, this will be a private one-on-one meeting held in the Oval Office and closed to the press.
Cook attended a state dinner last night, and according to several reports was seated at the head table alongside President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron. Cook was also in attendance at the head table at President Obama’s Chinese state dinner in 2015. While Cook has openly disagreed with a number of President Trump’s policies, particularly those concerning immigration and the environment, he did laud some of Trump’s recent tax reforms for spurring job creation and the economy, and the President has similarly praised Apple’s recent investments in the U.S. economy. [via 9to5Mac]


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