Toast Converts Protected AAC to AIF

iPoding reader “Nyte” reports that Roxio’s Toast Titanium app for Mac can convert protected AAC files to AIF.

“Haven’t read this anywhere else yet, but if you drag protected m4p (AAC) files from iTunes right to a Toast Titanium “Audio CD” window, they convert to AIF format without a hitch (as long as the machine is authorized).  From there you can save the AIF files to wherever, or burn a CD.  It looks like Toast makes the Quicktime call to convert the m4p to AIF without restriction, whereas iTunes 4 or QuickTime Player have built-in prevention against this.

I’d hate to see this facilitate “swapping”, but it could be useful to create mp3’s for an mp3-only playback device (with some quality loss of course) without having to burn a CD first.  Also, it could be used to burn Music Store CDs for people with CD burners unsupported by iTunes 4.”

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