Top ten signs you’re an iPod junkie

To paraphrase an old saying, it’s okay to love your iPod…just don’t love your iPod. So in the name of helping you determine whether you’re addicted to your iPod, here are the top ten signs that you’re an iPod junkie: (Click ‘Read more’)
10. You write letters to your Congressman, urging the creation of a national “Take your iPod to work day”.

9. You can name every single retail chain that sells the iPod, including stores that you’d never previously heard of and don’t know where they’re located.


You spend more time in the iLounge forums than the moderators.

7. For the first time in your life, you’re tucking in your shirt…and it’s only so that others can see your iPod on your belt clip.

6. You have six brands of iPod cases, including four that you’ve never used.


You’ve submitted an online review of the iPod’s solitaire game.

4. You’ve purchased iTunes tracks from bands you don’t even like, simply to boost your iPod’s total track count.

3. You wear your earbuds even when your iPod is on its charger.