Toshiba shows iPod touch with tactile interface

At the recent Embedded Systems Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba showed off a new tactile interface technology running on an iPod touch. Based on Senseg E-Sense technology from Senseg Oy of Finland, the new interface uses small electric field changes to provide a tactile sensation to the user. Tech-On reports that the iPod touch demonstration included a feeling of resistance when sliding objects, as well as a virtual “protrusion” as the image of a button was moved across. “The price will be ¥10 to ¥20 (roughly $0.11-$0.22) per film though it depends on the volume,” Toshiba Information Systems said, while Senseg added, “We are discussing business with companies other than Toshiba. E-book readers and tablet PCs using the new technology will be shipped in the first half of 2011. And we expect that smartphones will come with the technology in the second half of 2011.”

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