Trailhead provides a Basecamp Client for the iPad

Jesse Hollington
By Jesse Hollington  - Senior Editor

Faqden Labs has released Trailhead, a native iPad client for 37Signals’ popular Basecamp project management web app. Designed to provide an attractive and accessible interface to Basecamp, Trailhead allows users to browse through all of their projects on Basecamp and view, edit and add comments to messages and manage to-do lists.

Users can create new to-do lists or add items to existing lists directly within the app as well as posting comments on to-do items and reordering action items via a simple drag-and-drop interface. The application also provides access to the people and company lists for each project so that users can easily link messages and other items as appropriate.

The initial version does not yet provide support for calendars and milestones, however this is noted as coming soon in a future release along with customizable views. Trailhead is available from the App Store for $2.

By Jesse Hollington Senior Editor
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