Tunewear intros Tunecup cup holder cradle for iPod

imageTunewear has announced the Tunecup, an adjustable cup holder cradle for the iPod. The Tunecup features an adjustable balljoint design that can rotate horizontally 360 degrees and angle back and forth. It has an audio out port, an s-video jack, and can be used as an iPod dock in-doors. The Tunecup is available immediately for $40.

“Tunecup is the ultimate iPod car accessory for your iPod 5G, iPod 4G, iPod 3G or iPod mini,” says Tunewear. “It comes complete with audio out to connect your iPod directly to your car stereo, or you can use a cassette adapter (not included) to listen to your iPod through an in-car cassette tape deck. Tunecup also includes an s-video port (female) for a crystal clear connection to an in-car AV system. This makes it perfect for watching videos on the new iPod 5G or viewing photos on any of the other color iPods.”

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