Tunewear now shipping Sound Recorder for iPod

Tunewear has announced the immediate availability of its Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod, a stereo voice and music recorder for the fifth-generation iPod, iPod classic, second-generation iPod nano, and iPod nano (with video). The Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod features two built-in, omni-directional microphones and works using the built-in recording function already included in iPod, recording in either High Quality (Stereo, 16bit/44.1KHz) or Low Quality (Mono, 16bit/22.05KHz) WAV format. Other features include audio line-in with compatibility for external microphones sporting 3.5mm plugs, as well as cassette decks or other analog equipment, built-in gain control to reduce distortion and control recording levels, a mini-USB port to charge the iPod while in use, and a recording “hot” button that jumps directly to the iPod Voice Memo recording menu when used with a second-generation iPod nano or fifth-generation iPod. The Tunewear Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod is available now and sells for $50.

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