Tweetbot adds iCloud sync

Tapbots has released an update to Tweetbot adding support for synchronizing information between devices via iCloud. With Tweetbot 2.2, iCloud users can now synchronize timeline positions, DM read status and mute filters between multiple instances of Tweetbot, allowing iPhone and iPad users to keep their information in sync on both devices.

The latest version still provides support for Tweet Marker as well for synchronizing timeline positions with other Twitter clients, however users are required to choose between iCloud or Tweet Marker as their sync service. The update also provides several other smaller enhancements including better handling of iTunes and YouTube links which now include thumbnail previews in the timeline and a new pinch-to-close gesture for viewing images on the iPad.

Tweetbot 2.2 is available from the App Store in two device-specific versions for $3 each; Tweetbot for iPhone and Tweetbot for iPad.