Twenty v-moda Remix-M Class winners announced

Participating in tonight’s live iLounge chat with headphone makers v-moda, twenty iLounge readers won new pairs of Remix M-Class earphones in their choice of three colors (silver/black, blue, or pink). A complete list of winners can be read from the full story link above or below. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating in the chat tonight.
1) Lena from Pittsburgh, PA (silver),
2) Amy from Redondo Beach, CA (blue),
3) Pete from St. Louis, MO (silver),
4) Laurens from Belgium (silver),
5) Will from Milford, MA (silver),
6) Tim from Longmont, CO (pink),
7) Peter from New York, NY (silver),
8) Bruno from Belgium (silver),
9) Josh from Dillwyn, VA (silver),
10) Trevor from Montoursville, PA (silver),
11) Simon from Boston, MA (silver),
12) Jillian from Thunder Bay, Ontario (blue),
13) Darren from Dayton, NJ (silver),
14) JP from Walnut Creek, CA (silver),
15) John from Naperville, IL (silver),
16) Jason from Peoria, IL (silver),
17) Melanie from Lawndale, CA (silver),
18) David from Brooklyn, NY (silver),
19) Ido from Fort Worth, TX (silver), and
20) Drew from Torrance, CA (blue).

Again, congratulations!

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