Twitter client Leaf discontinued as a result of Twitter API changes

The iOS Twitter app Leaf is the latest casualty of Twitter’s recent API changes, with the developer today announcing that the app is being discontinued entirely due to the limitations of the new API. While some Twitter apps, such as the popular Tweetbot, have attempted to scale back and simply remove unsupported features, the new Twitter API has resulted in even these apps becoming shadows of their former selves. Leaf has clearly decided that there’s no advantage in continuing to develop a more limited app, so while those who have already purchased it can continue to use the existing version, it is no longer available on the App Store and there will be no further updates released.

In a series of tweets announcing the bad news, Leaf did provide a preview of the features that were under development, including native iPhone X support, full accessibility, support for 280 character tweets, a new direct messages view, alternate icons, and “many more things” that were in the preliminary stages. The developer notes that they are “hopeful for the future” that Twitter may someday open up its developer APIs again, but until and unless that happens, it would appear that Leaf is officially dead. [via 9to5Mac]

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