Twitter to launch music app

Twitter is planning on launching its new standalone iOS music application this weekend, possibly as early as today, according to reports. A new site,, asks users for permission to allow an app called Trending Music Web, though at this point authorization of the app only sends users back to the sign in page.

The app will suggest artists and songs based on “personalized signals,” which include the Twitter accounts a user follows. Third-party services, such as iTunes, will allow users to listen to music clips within the app. Users will also be able to watch music videos from Vevo. Twitter recently acknowledged its acquisition of the music startup We Are Hunted, which tracked the most popular songs on social networks. [via AllThingsD]

Update: Twitter’s music app will launch to the public in about a week; for now, only select celebrities and “influencers” have access to the app. [via AllThingsD]

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