U.S. carriers won’t be ready for Dual-SIM support until later this year

While Apple officially added support for Dual-SIM Standby to its 2018 iPhones with yesterday’s release of iOS 12.1, the number of carriers supporting the feature continues to be extremely limited due to the eSIM requirement. In fact, according to MacRumors, it appears that none of the U.S. carriers are quite ready to provide support for a second phone number out of the gate. AT&T has reportedly been telling customers that eSIM activations are being delayed until later in the year “due to technical issues in part related to Visual Voicemail,” while T-Mobile has said that support is in the works and will be rolled out simply “when its software is ready,” and Verizon notes that it still has some kinds to work out. According to a report by PCMag, Verizon customers are also being advised not to activate eSIMs from other carriers due to potential performance issues that could result in users’ Verizon connections getting downgraded to using the 2G CDMA network. The fourth carrier, Sprint, isn’t even on the list to support eSIM. Meanwhile, according to a report by iPhone in Canada, customers in Canada have already begun setting up Dual-SIM support on Bell’s network, one of the two Canadian carriers supporting eSIM. Apple has published a list of all of the carriers worldwide that are offering support for eSIM, which includes AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless with a footnote that notes that support is “Coming later this year.”


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