Ultimate Ears has launched its new Ultimate Ears 18 Pro and Ultimate Ears 1 Pro Custom Monitors. The 18 Pros feature a proprietary design that places six individually tuned drivers in each ear for maximum clarity and extended sound reproduction. Other features of the 18 Pros include four-way crossovers with acoustic and electrical tuning, triple-sound channels, a new low-distortion cable, an in-line filter for each sound channel, and a personalized aluminum carrying case. Ultimate Ears’ 18 Pro Custom Monitors will be available in February and will sell for $1350.

Designed for use in situations where the wearer needs to hear more of his/her surroundings, the Ultimate Ears 1 Pro monitor features a single monitor offering four speakers—two for the right channel and two for the left—that delivers “stereo” audio to just one ear. Other features include a dual armature, dual bore design, an integrated passive crossover circuit, and a single cable. Ultimate Ears’ 1 Pro Custom Monitor sells for $450 and will be available soon.

Charles Starrett

Charles Starrett was a senior editor at iLounge. He's been covering the iPod, iPhone, and iPad since their inception. He has written numerous articles and reviews, and his work has been featured in multiple publications.