Ultimate Ears releases Triple.fi 10vi Earphones

Ultimate Ears has introduced its new Triple.fi 10vi Earphones. Designed for use with the iPhone and other smartphones, the triple-driver earphones feature an in-line microphone and remote button for answering calls and controlling audio playback. According to Ultimate Ears, the Triple.fi 10vi also feature the same sonic signature as the company’s custom personal monitors. Included with the earphones are a 1/4” adapter jack, a hard shell carrying case, a cleaning tool, a 26” extender cable, a sound level attenuator, and a kit containing an assortment of eartips to ensure a proper fit and seal. The Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10vi Earphones are available now and sell for $420.

  1. I own a pair of Triple.fi 10 pro, which is identical to the Triple.fi 10vi with the exception of the new replaceable iPhone compatible cable.
    UltimateEars (or should I say Logitech?) are NOT willing to sell the new iPod Cable to us Triple.fi 10 pro owners. They actually want us to buy the same product AGAIN and give them another $400 only for the new iPhone compatible cable.

    I think UltimateEars (or Logitech) should hide in shame and potential customers should think about it twice before buying their products.

  2. I just bought triple.fi 10vi.. sounds wonderful (the super.fi 5vi doesn’t carry heavy bass- it has accurate but rather lean basslines, since I’ve had the super.fi 5 pro for 1.5 years.. the 5vi doesn’t satisfy the basshead in me).

    however, the new black cable the triple.fi 10vi came with produces gobs more microphonics, and the connector is now a straight connector. (Why is UE site saying that the replacement cables are now using straight connectors?– a straight connector is so intrusive in your pocket). I also now noticed that I can hear my blood pumping through my ears.. it (me or the headphone) is that sensitive. Now I wished that Klipsch comes with a custom x10 for iphones.. the Klipsch is hundred times more comfortable than the triple.fi. Or if Westone miraculously makes a iphone compatible cable (triple.fi v10 cables can be replaced)- supposedly they don’t have microphonics.

    There is no complain about the sound quality- top notched (it’d better be.. bloody expensive piece of ear jewelry).

    Lastly, the button occasionally (rarely) won’t respond- i.e. pressing it won’t start the music. You have to pull and re-insert the straight connector. This happened on both the 5vi and 10vi.

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