[Update] iLounge Launches New Forums


[Update 05|10|03 9:45 AM] The main “Forums” button on the navgation bar above now links to the new forums. We’ve also added “New Forums|Old Forums” links to the left sidebar for your convenience. The “Forums” link on the old forums nav bar now reads “New Forums,” and links to the new forums. Also, a link to the old forums has been added to the new forums homepage. We hope this helps to navigate between old and new.

So far the the reactions to the new forums has been outstanding. Many readers have been re-registering from old to new, and there are many new members registering as well. Thanks, we appreciate it.

Today marks the official launch of the NEW iLounge forums at https://www.ilounge.com/forums/

The new forum we are using is powered by vBulletin, one of the most widely used and successful forum applications on the Internet. It has many great features for our administrators, moderators and members. If you would like to read more about its features, check out http://www.vbulletin.com

The following is some questions and answers to help you understand the reason for the switch to the new forums and what will be happening with old vs. new forums.

Why have we launched a new forum? What’s wrong with the old forums?

The current forums are provided by Xsorbit, an outside service that iLounge pays to host a forum. As you may already know the forums are unreliable at times with many outages occurring ever since it’s been online. Xsorbit also controls all the data generated in the forums, including the membership database. We have no control or access to this datum. Moving to a new forum system on our own servers will allow us control the data and provide the best forums possible to our members.

Will members of the old forums be able to login to the new forums?

Unfortunately, no. Xsorbit will not release any registered member information to us, so we cannot transfer the membership login information into the new forum system. This is a disappointing situation, but we hope that all our current members register with the new forums to continue one of the best iPod user communities on the Internet. We’re almost sure you’ll like your new home.

Will the old discussions be transferred to the new forums?

Unfortunately, no. Xsorbit will not release the database containing the discussions. So, in ONE WEEK from the time of this announcement the old forums will be made “read only.” You will only be able to search and read old discussions, but will not be able to post anything new on the old forums.

The new forums are a fresh start of something better for the future of iLounge. It’s one of many beneficial changes to be made. On behalf of all the forum administrators, moderators and myself, we hope you understand why we are doing this and we hope to see all our current and new members in the new forums.

Dennis Lloyd


Dennis Lloyd

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