iLoungers in our forums are disappointed that iPod Software 1.3 is missing most of the new features which will debut in new iPods (iPod Software 2.0). Windows users are out of luck all together until Apple releases an update for Windows iPod. A sad fact for owners of 1st and 2nd generation iPods. We have requested that iLoungers voice their opinion on this matter by sending Apple feedback and request new features to be supported in older iPods.

Update: We have replaced our comparison of features with Apple’s recently posted KnowledgeBase Document comparing iPod Software 2.0 and 1.3. For a complete list of features, click the “Read more” link below.
iPod 2.0 and 1.3: Software Version Comparison

iPod Software 2.0

iPod Software 2.0 includes these features and functions:

  • Improved interface
    The menu system includes new and reorganized commands.
  • On-The-Go Playlist
    You can create a temporary playlist directly on iPod.
  • Improved Clock Menu
    All clock settings are accessible in one location for easy access.
  • Alarm Clock
    You can set an alarm to go off at a specified time.
  • To-Do Lists Viewing
    iCal to-do lists can be viewed on iPod.
  • Notes
    iPod can store and view notes (text files).
  • Games
    Includes three games.
  • Customizable Main Menu
    You can decide which menu options appear in the main menu.
  • Backlight Menu Command
    You can turn on and off the backlight from a menu command.
  • Rating Songs
    You can rate songs on iPod.
  • Updating Smart Playlists
    Smart Playlists update on iPod and sync back to iTunes.
  • AAC File Playback
    iPod plays back AAC (.m4a and .m4p) files.
  • Disconnect Message Removed
    The “OK to disconnect” message no longer appears.
  • Improved iPod Software Updater
    You can update and restore without disconnecting and reconnecting iPod.
  • NotesOnly (also known as “Museum Mode)
    Allows for complete customization of the entire menuing system. Example uses include using iPod in museums and kiosks. See the Apple Developer website ( for more information. iPod Software 1.3

    iPod Software 1.3 includes these features and functions:

    • Backlight Menu Choice
      A menu command has been added to turn on and off the backlight.
    • AAC File Playback
      iPod plays back AAC (.m4a and .m4p) files.
    • Battery Improvements
      Includes the battery improvements that were introduced with iPod Software 1.2.6.
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