UPDATED: iLounge Launches IRC Chat Channel

Thanks to some enterprising readers, iLounge has sanctioned an IRC chat channel for iPod enthusiasts who would like to get together in realtime to talk about all things iPod. The following is a basic how-to (click ‘Read more’) on IRC chat and methods. If you’re an experienced IRC chatter here is the server and channel info;

server: irc.hashmark.net
channel: #ilounge

IRC Client Software for Windows

The IRC client I recommend is called mIRC written by Kahled Mardam-bey and is one of the most simple to use IRC clients.

a) Please click HERE to download the latest version of mIRC
b) For instructions on how to use mIRC please go HERE

IRC Client Software for Mac OS X

An easy to use IRC client software for OS X is Conversation 1.0. The software is designed for new users of IRC and the interface is very user friendly. If you’ve ever used iChat you’ll know what we mean.

The iLounge Guide to IRC Chat
By Michael De Silva

Basic IRC Commands

After you have installed your IRC client you will be presented with the IRC console.

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