User Group meeting a great success

We had about fifty people in our recent iLounge User Group meeting this past Tuesday making it a great success and the largest single online chat related to iPods.

Our guests, Andrew Green, VP of Marketing and Design at Griffin Technology and Tim Hickman, General Manager at Speck Products talked about their current line of iPod accessories, future products and answered questions from the audience. Griffin gave away two iTrips while Speck Products, in a surprise move, gave away FlipStands and ArmBands (your choice) to the first twenty people that sent an email to me, Dennis Lloyd (iLounger), the meeting’s moderator. Speck also ended up giving away additional prizes after asking two different trivia questions of the audience. It was great fun and I hope we see many more new faces at the next meeting.

Thanks to Griffin Technology and Speck Products for taking time out to stop by and participate.

Who knows what will happen at the next meeting. (September 6, 2004 at 4pm PT/7pm ET)

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